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Black Khan

Zehanat Khan Ausma


Black Khan - Zehanat Khan Ausma - 9780008171650

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Additional Information
Author(s) :- Zehanat Khan Ausma Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- HarperCollins Publishers Pub. Date :- 2019-07-11
ISBN-13 :- 9780008171650
Pagination :- 496 pages
Dimensions :- 198 x 129
Weight :- 270
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Book two of Ausma Zehanat Khan's powerful, unforgettable new series, The Khorasan Archives. Sides must be chosen. Truths must be told. Freedoms will be fought for. To battle the cruel and controlling patriarchal force named the Talisman, members of a resistance group, the Companions of Hira, risked their lives to procure the Bloodprint - a sacred text that holds the power to overthrow this terrifying regime. Though they harnessed the magic known as the Claim, their plans now lie in ashes and their number scattered - with the two women at the centre of the plot - Arian and Sinnia - left facing the most harrowing tortures. Yet hope flickers in the darkness. The Bloodprint survived, secreted to Ashfall, seat of the Black Khan. But the Khan's court is built upon shifting layers of intrigue and lethal conspiracy, with enemies whose motives are steeped in the shadows. Can the Khan guard the Bloodprint when treachery lurks in the wings and the Talisman gather at his door? The Companions of Hira must reunite, break through Talisman lines, and infiltrate Ashfall to join their ally, The Black Khan. But can his word be trusted?

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