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Marketing (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Brian Tracy


Marketing (The Brian Tracy Success Library) - Brian Tracy - 9789387383050

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Author(s) :- Brian Tracy Format :- Hardback
Publisher :- AMACOM, 2014 Pub. Date :- 0000-00-00
ISBN-13 :- 9789387383050
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Too often, businesses create a product or service and then focus their marketing efforts on trying to convince customers that they need it. But the key to successful marketing--and a successful business for that matter--is already knowing that what you are offering is what the public has been searching for! In Marketing, renowned business expert Brian Tracy has provided 21 powerful and proven ideas any business can use immediately to improve their strategic marketing results. You’ll discover how to:• Build your customer base • Set yourself apart from the competition • Use market research and focus groups to fuel better decisions • Fulfill a basic emotional need for buyers • Determine the correct price point for your offerings • Make the most of your distribution channels • Give customers a reason to switch from your competitors • and much more! Complete with time-tested marketing strategies, as well as Tracy’s trademark wisdom, this practical pocket guide shows you how to overcome the competition, increase sales and profitability, and dominate your market niche

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