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READ IT YOURSELF - LEVEL 1 - CINDERELLA - N/A - 9780723272687 />

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Author(s) :- N/A Format :- Hardback
Publisher :- PENGUIN INDIA
ISBN-13 :- 9780723272687 Other ISBNs :- 01567440
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Read It Yourself Level 1 series is a series-of-books that help budding readers to learn in a fun-filled way. With beautiful and colourful pictures, these books build reading skills in children. Short sentences, simple, common and repeated similar words develop the confidence in children to read more. Read It Yourself series are basic story books with the scale of difficulty increasing with every level. The level of this series goes till level 4 with different, childlike familiar stories we all are aware of.Read It Yourself Cinderella Level 1 is a story of a beautiful princess, Cinderella, who is forced to work as a maid by her stepmother and step sisters. One day a party is organised by a Prince in the town who is looking for a match. The invitation is given to all young girls, but Cinderella is not allowed to go as her step sisters are also going and they are insecure of Cinderella's beauty. A Fairy comes to her rescue and makes all arrangements for her to go to the party with the promise of returning before midnight. Does Cinderella become successful in meeting her prince?

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