The Locals Cookbook : Sri Lanka

Jon Lewin


The Locals Cookbook : Sri Lanka -  Jon Lewin - 9780993459702
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Author(s) :- Jon Lewin Format :- Hardback
Publisher :- The Locals Cookbook Ltd Pub. Date :- 0000-00-00
ISBN-13 :- 9780993459702
Weight :- 1.4
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The Locals Cookbook Sri Lanka is the first in a series of travel documentary style cookbooks by author, photographer and chef Jon Lewin. It combines authentic local recipes, with creative imagery and informative first-hand accounts of Jon's life immersed in this truly fascinating culture. The books are a reflection of his personal journey through each country, documenting local culture, cuisine and the stories behind the people he meets. "The Locals' Cookbook: Sri Lanka paints portraits of people through both photography and prose; coupling up cultural insights with tried-and-tested takes on Sri Lankan dishes. Gleaned directly from locals, Jon's recipes are pretty authentic, but are made happily accessible for UK-based home cooks; this is food for cooking, not just for looking at it." Vhari Russel - The Food Marketing Expert.