Stephanie Butland


LETTERS TO MY HUSBAND -  Stephanie Butland - 9780552779159

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Author(s) :- Stephanie Butland Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- TRANSWORLD Pub. Date :- 2015-04-09
ISBN-13 :- 9780552779159
Availability :- M/D
Weight :- 298
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"An immensely powerful, and ultimately uplifting, debut novel." (Katie Fforde). "Heartbreaking, insightful, gripping and beautifully crafted." (Jane Wenham Jones). Dear Mike, I can't believe that it's true. You wouldn't do this to me. You promised. Elizabeth knows that her husband is kind and good and that he loves her unconditionally. She knows she hasn't been herself lately but that, even so, they are happy. But Elizabeth's world is turned upside down when Mike dies in a tragic drowning accident. Suddenly everything Elizabeth knows about her husband is thrown into doubt. Why would he sacrifice his own life, knowing he'd never see his wife again? And what exactly was he doing at the lake that night? Elizabeth knows that writing to Mike won't bring him back, but she needs to talk to him now more than ever...How much can you ever know about the people you love?Originally published in hardback as Surrounded by Water.