House Of Secrets

Sarra Manning


House Of Secrets -  Sarra Manning - 9780751561166

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Additional Information
Author(s) :- Sarra Manning Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- Little, Brown Book Group Pub. Date :- 2017-01-10
ISBN-13 :- 9780751561166
Pagination :- 400 pages
Dimensions :- 234 x 153
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Extremely atmospheric and unputdownable. I loved it' Marian Keyes5-star reader reviews for The House of Secrets'Libby and Zoe are complex, courageous and believeable and I found their stories absolutely compelling to read with a very satisfying ending. Highly recommended''I cried, I smiled, I swore in anger at parts . . . such a brilliant piece of writing''Enjoyed every page of this lovely book and its lovely heroines Zoe and Libby. Highly recommended for a great feel good read''Finished the whole book in one night, literally unputdownable'Every home has a story to tell . . .An ordinary house on an ordinary street, built in 1936 and never lived in. Its rooms might be empty, but this house is full of secrets.When Zoe and Win, raw and reeling from a recent tragedy, move into their new home it's meant to be a fresh start and a way to mend the holes in their relationship.But pushed to the back of a cupboard is a suitcase that's been gathering dust for eighty years. Inside is a wedding dress, letters and a diary all belonging to a woman called Libby. And there's something else in the suitcase, something that echoes Zoe's own pain.Zoe follows Libby's trail from Paris to Spain on the brink of Civil War to secret trysts in London, and as Libby finds the courage to live and love again, Zoe begins to let go of her own grief.But when Libby's story takes a darker turn, Zoe becomes increasingly obsessed with discovering what really happened all those years ago. Because if Libby managed to get her happy ever after then maybe Zoe and Win can too . .