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What's New, Cupcake?

KarenRichardson Tack


What's New, Cupcake? -  KarenRichardson Tack - 9780547241814

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Additional Information
Author(s) :- KarenRichardson Tack Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- Houghton Mifflin Pub. Date :- 2010-04-01
ISBN-13 :- 9780547241814
Dimensions :- 252 x 229 x 17
Weight :- 880
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Helps you create a race-car cupcake, a robot cupcake, or ravishing jewellery cupcakes for a birthday party. This title allows you to surprise the family with Chinese takeaway dinner cupcakes on April Fool's or serve up a goofy chocolate moose. It features projects that use few ingredients. It is suitable for kids and parties.

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