Devil Colony

James Rollins


Devil Colony -  James Rollins - 9781409102960

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Additional Information
Author(s) :- James Rollins Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- Orion Publishing Co Pub. Date :- 2012-12-01
ISBN-13 :- 9781409102960
Availability :- Re Printing
Dimensions :- 197 x 130 x 33
Weight :- 352
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Could the founding of America be based on a lie? The truth is hidden within the ruins of a cursed lost colony... An exhilarating Sigma Force thriller.In the Rocky Mountains, a horrible massacre ensues. Bodies are found purposefully positioned to form two symbols. One man recognises the warning behind the gruesome murders: Painter Crowe, director of SIGMA, has seen these symbols before and knows the deaths were a personal threat. One of the victims was his beloved cousin.Crowe joins forces with Commander Grayson Pierce to penetrate the shadowy heart of a dark cabal that has been manipulating American history. But can he discover the truth before it destroys all he holds dear? The truth lies hidden within the ruins of a cursed lost colony - a place known only as The Devil Colony.