Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd is delighted to introduce ‘BOOKFLIX - Loyalty cum Gift Card ‘and humbly welcomes you to a fresh sphere of benefits & privileges which has been designed exclusively for “BOOKFLIX” members. This card can be used either to earn / redeem points for every purchase you make at Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd or in the form of a gift card which can be used as a prepaid card loaded with a value to present to your loved ones. Join BOOKFLIX and enjoy special offers exclusively for BOOKFLIX members!!!

* For every Rs. 1000 Spend - Earn 1 point
* 1 Point = LKR 1.00


BOOKFLIX card is operated ONLY by Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. As a member, you will earn points when making purchases by showing your membership card at the time of purchase. You must read these Terms and Conditions sensibly before you use your BOOKFLIX Card. These Terms and Conditions contain important information, including limitations of liability.


i. Membership of BOOKFLIX Loyalty and Gift card is voluntary and available to any individual.
ii. BOOKFLIX points will not be awarded until these Terms and conditions have become binding on you.
iii. By using your BOOKFLIX card you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as detailed in BOOKFLIX Privacy Notice.
iv. This card will be activated with the first purchase and points will be accumulated immediately, but redemption will be made after the initial purchase.
v. For every Rs.1000.00 you spend will be offered 1 point and 1 point is equal to LKR 1.00.
vi. All Members will be assigned a Membership number. This number will be used for identification purposes by Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd.
vii. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. reserve the right to contact members for membership information and account statements even if you have opted out of receiving communications.
viii. BOOKFLIX card is an additional benefit given by Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. to its loyalty Customers. Therefore Card holder shall not have the right to claim from Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. for any damage or damage at above mentioned or any other circumstances.


i. You will earn points on each eligible transaction and points will be credited to your account only upon presentation of your BOOKFLIX card at the point of sale for scanning, prior to the completion of an eligible transaction.
ii. Points will be expire by the end of every calendar year or at Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. discretion.
iii. Discounted Items at any given time will not be eligible for earning points.
iv. Points once redeemed against a purchase cannot be re- credited under any circumstances.
v. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. will deduct from your BOOKFLIX Card any points that have been credited to your BOOKFLIX Card in error and any points that relate to an eligible transaction which has been cancelled, reversed, or relates to a refund given.
vi. You can see the balance of your BOOKFLIX Loyalty Card free of charge at any time by visiting Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. Please note that it can take up to 7 days from the date of an eligible transaction for the points to appear on your BOOKFLIX Card.
vii. Rewards and offers earned through the programme may change or be withdrawn without prior information. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. will not be responsible for any liability arising from such situation.


i. Members should present their BOOKFLIX card to cash counter in order to redeem points.
ii. Points can be redeemed after initial purchase, subject to Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. having the complete updated profile of the member.
iii. BOOKFLIX Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash, and no amount can be returned in cash for purchase made through BOOKFLIX reward points.
iv. Points redeemed once cannot be used again.
v. If the value of the purchase is more than the value of the points that to be redeemed, the balance amount must be paid by the member using valid payment method.
vi. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. will not held responsible for any fraud or misuse of any BOOKFLIX rewards points, nor for any loss as a result.


As a member you are responsible for any loss, damage or theft of your BOOKFLIX membership card. You must report any loss, damage or theft immediately to our BOOKFLIX Customer Hotline - 0117 463 473.


i. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. reserves the right to, at its discretion, revoke or terminate the participation by you in the BOOKFLIX Loyalty Program at any time by giving at least 30 days prior written notice,

   • On breach of Terms & Conditions.
   • Have engaged or may engage in fraudulent conduct, or conduct that is suspected to be fraudulent, in relation to your BOOKFLIX Loyalty or Gift Card; or
   • Have engaged or may engage in inappropriate conduct that undermines the legitimate interests of Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. (e.g. shoplifting from our store).

ii. In this given scenario, all your existing points on the “BOOKFLIX Loyalty & Gift Card” membership also stand cancelled and cannot be redeemed.
iii. If Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. terminates the BOOKFLIX Loyalty Program you are entitled to redeem your points after termination.
iv. BOOKFLIX membership can be transferred, gifted, awarded or rewarded to any other person than the BOOKFLIX Member himself in the form of a Gift Card.


i. You are solely responsible for any government tax, duty or other charge imposed by law in any country in respect of the BOOKFLIX Loyalty Program, your participation in the BOOKFLIX Program, any points earned or any other transaction within the BOOKFLIX Program.
ii. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. reserves the right to modify programme structure of “BOOKFLIX Reward” including number of points earned and value of these points.
iii. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. reserve the right to modify, cancel or withdraw any of the terms and conditions with or without notice. It also reserves the right to discontinue programme membership, temporarily or permanently.
iv. You must advise Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. of any change of name, address, or other details as soon as practicable after the change. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. is not responsible for any failure by you to notify us of the change which may result in the loss of special offers for BOOKFLIX card Members sent in the mail.
v. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. will not be liable for any unlawful activities or misuse of the “BOOKFLIX Loyalty & Gift Card” membership or account.


i. The information that Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. collects about you includes:
   • Information provided by you on the Application Form
   • Transactional information when you shop using your BOOKFLIX Card including, but not limited to, the store you shopped at, when you shopped, your purchases and method of payment.
   • Information that we may gain from other sources relevant to the BOOKFLIX Loyalty Program.
ii. Information regarding your payment preferences in conjunction with your BOOKFLIX Loyalty/Gift Card.


Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. may collect your personal information for any of the following purposes:
   • To enroll you into the BOOKFLIX Loyalty Program;
   • To administer your membership, including your BOOKFLIX membership Card;
   • To provide you with points and special offers;
   • General sales and marketing, including to contact you to provide you with information about our special promotions, events, product launches and other special offers and discounts;
   • To improve and help us better tailor our product and service offering, including developing new products, services, promotional offers and shopping opportunities; and
   • To conduct market research and other forms of analysis.
If you provide your email address or contact number to Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd., you consent to Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. using your email address to email you and/or your mobile telephone number to send you electronic messages, including SMS or MMS, or to send you a push notification for any of the Purposes listed above. Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. may also disclose your personal information as required by law. If you do not provide personal information requested of you to Makeen Books, we may be unable to enroll you into the BOOKFLIX Loyalty Program and perform the above mentioned functions.


Makeen Books (Pvt) Ltd. will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from unauthorized access, misuse, modification and disclosure while stored or transmitted by us. Each Member will be assigned a BOOKFLIX membership Card upon enrolment in the BOOKFLIX Loyalty Program. The Membership number will be used for security of information and for identifying Members.