Enders Game     

Orson Scott Card


Enders Game      -  Orson Scott Card - 9780356500843

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Author(s) :- Orson Scott Card Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- Little, Brown Book Group Pub. Date :- 2011-11-29
ISBN-13 :- 9780356500843
Series:- Ender Saga
Dimensions :- 129 x 197 x 23
Weight :- 282
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The human race faces annihilation. An alien threat is on the horizon, ready to strike. And if humanity is to be defended, the government must create the greatest military commander in history.The brilliant young Ender Wiggin is their last hope. But first he must survive the rigours of a brutal military training program - to prove that he can be the leader of all leaders.A saviour for mankind must be produced, through whatever means possible. But are they creating a hero or a monster?This is the multiple award-winning classic ENDER'S GAME - a groundbreaking tale of war, strategy and survival.