Progress Of Love

Alice Murno


Progress Of Love -  Alice Murno - 9780099741312

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Author(s) :- Alice Murno Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- Vintage Pub. Date :- 1996-11-07
ISBN-13 :- 9780099741312
Availability :- Publisher Out of Stock
Dimensions :- 236 x 130 x 21
Weight :- 228
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**Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature** These dazzling and utterly satisfying stories explore varieties and degrees of love - filial, platonic, sexual, parental and imagined - in the lives of apparently ordinary folk. In fact, Munro's characters pulse with idiosyncratic life. Under the polished surface of these unsentimental dispatches from the small-town and rural front lies a strong undertow of violence and sexuality, repressed until something snaps, with extraordinary force in some of the stories, sadly and strangely in others.