Spy Dog Unleashed

Andrew Cope


Spy Dog Unleashed -  Andrew Cope - 9780141321233

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Additional Information
Author(s) :- Andrew Cope Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- Penguin Books Ltd Pub. Date :- 2007-03-01
ISBN-13 :- 9780141321233
Series:- Spy Dog
Dimensions :- 196 x 129 x 11
Weight :- 120
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Meet Spy Dog! Lara is her name (that's Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal to you) AKA Agent GM451. The dastardly Mr Big has escaped from prison. Not only does he want to frame super Spy Dog Lara and land her in big trouble, he's got his evil eye on the Millennium Diamond. It's the world's most precious jewel and it's about to go walkies.