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Computer in Action Class 3

Anshu Kumar Shweta Malik


Computer in Action Class 3 - Anshu Kumar Shweta Malik - 9789358171129
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Additional Information
Author(s) :- Anshu Kumar Shweta Malik Format :- Paperback
Publisher :- Pearson India Pub. Date :- 2021-02-28
ISBN-13 :- 9789358171129
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computer in action, a series of eight books, is our humble effort to provide, comprehensive learning and understanding of computer Science. The concepts have been presented in a lucid and student-friendly manner. The book aids students' Learning with the help of variety of pedagogical elements which are in perfect sync with learning objectives.In addition to this, the book is supplemented with an access to active app (a web-based learning solution). It provides an amalgamation of traditional teaching approach with digital exposure giving an experiential learning journey to students.learning objectives outline the major topics that will be taught in the br>Chapterpractice Zone consists of questions interspersed within the text for quick self-testing.Did you know contains interesting snippets on the topic covered. activity Zone deals with activities to strengthen the understanding of skills learnt.
recap Zone at the end of each br>Chapter is meant for quick and easy recapitulation.
words to know are useful key terms with their definitions.
lab Zone deals with activities for practical work in the computer lab.
teacher’s notes contains suggestions for the teacher to introduce the various topics.